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Wardrobe Mangement

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Ever felt like you have way too many clothes in your wardrobe, yet nothing to wear or are stuck in a style rut? Be assured you are not alone and many  feel the same. However, I can offer you a solution with a range of styling packages that help you to regain your sense of style, feel great in your own skin and you'll learn to not make purchases that you end up never wearing! 

​Each package enables you to achieve a look you love, whether I am using clothes you already have or combining them with new key items - all carefully selected for you, personality and your lifestyle. 

During our time together you will re-discover your own personal style, learn how to shop smarter, and gain real body confidence.

 With every styling session I give you the tools and advice to look and feel great - all the time!

Services Offered:

  • Complete & detailed  analysis of existing wardrobe

  • Personal shopping & styling sessions

  • Creating look book from all the garments & accessories in your wardrobe 

  • Help in sourcing exclusive outfits for different occasions

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