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Trousseau Shopper


Amidst all wedding planning & chaos, there’s one thing that is always side tracked, i.e wedding/ trousseau wardrobe. This one life time event calls for special & personalized services for all your wedding wardrobe needs.

Here I am ready to take all the trouble of planning your & your family's wedding wardrobe not only for the Big Day, but for all the other events too.

All in all, I will be your stylist, designer and image consultant all rolled into one. I will help bride and bridal parties create the look for different wedding functions, shop for outfits for the honeymoon, and assemble a complete trousseau for months of newlywed bliss.


So just sit back, relax & enjoy the D-Day.


Services Are For:

  • Bride/Groom & all the family members


Services Include:

  • Intensive Wardrobe Analysis - Styling with existing wedding wardrobe

  • Comprehensive & Personalized Wedding Shopping

  • Ideating over the complete look & styling for all the events

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