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Thats Me ..


My name is Richa, Welcome to my internet abode.
Having a degree in Arts & Literature, I’ve always had a growing
fancy for fashion (and definitely not writing :P).
I am also a diploma holder in animations from Maya Academy of
Advanced Cinematics. 
Having a passion for fashion, trend & styles, I chose to shift my career into fashion styling very late. Being an amature and having no formal education into the same, i decided to intern under a renowned fashion stylist and learn while working.
My day to day journey as an intern, keen interest and love for arts, fashion &0 styling helped me learn, grow and eventually establish myself as a fashion stylist.
Fashion is an expression of an art that is very close to me &0 it motivated me to explore other avenues like Prop styling &
Product Styling too.
It's said "Art has the power to transform, illuminate, educate, inspire & motivate".

I hope you had a heartful experience during this virtual tour.
Please feel free to connect at the slightest of opportunities to collaborate and make this world a fashionista's canvas.

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